Rembrandt and Titus

In this fictional biography, Rembrandt’s son tells how his father chose to become an artist. Titus highlights events in the famous artist’s life–his marriage, his wife’s death, the rise and fall of his popularity, and his wealth. Most importantly, he learns how his father sees the world. The light, shadows, and reflections help him to discover that there is beauty in everything, from old beggars to landscapes. Rembrandt proved this over and over. The richly painted illustrations are inspired by specific works, which are listed with the bibliography. The illustrator has worked in Rembrandt’s own style to produce portraits and landscapes. He masters the chiaroscuro technique and the dramatic effect that Titus mentions in his narrative. Locker is particularly skillful in creating the Dutch landscapes–not so very different from his own. The text and art fit well together. Full-page paintings face full pages of large-print text. Warm earth tones are both background to the text and frames for the illustrations. The result is a total package that transports readers into Rembrandt’s world. An author’s note offers a brief summary of the master’s life and works.
–Carolyn Janssen, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, OH

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